After School Clubs

Our after school clubs currently run in many schools across the London, Surrey, Kent and the South East demonstrating scientific principles through fun, hands-on experimentation. We are also proud to be affiliated with The British Science Association and CLEAPSS.

Most of the club sessions include something for the young scientists to take home and enjoy.

The topics that we cover offer a great variety and all follow the National Curriculum. To see how they correlate to the National Curriculum, please click here: club sessions. Currently, our after school clubs are aimed at year groups 2-6, although we hope to start an Early Years and Key Stage 1 club in the near future.

At completion of the course, all children get a certificate for each different module, which they can treasure for years to come, and display with pride.

Our programme can be adapted to fit into your school calendar with a normal programme consisting of either 6, 8 or 10 club sessions once a week, each an hour long. Each lesson builds on what has been learned in the previous class so our young scientist can build their scientific knowledge. Once the course has finished, we start a new club with different topics, allowing each child to return time-and-time again.

Our science programmes run in the school classrooms and we are very sensitive to the fact that classrooms must be left if the condition that they are found.

As such we clean up after every class to ensure that they are left spotless.

Key Information:

  • Delivered to over 50 schools and 26,000 pupils and constantly growing!
  • KS1 and KS2 National Curriculum
  • Affiliated to The British Science Association and CLEAPSS
  • We supply the equipment, lessons plans and materials
  • CRB checked and fully trained instructors
  • Hassle free - admin/planning work done for you
  • Helps children develop a better understanding through demonstration and hands on experiments to assist their transition to KS3 Science.

Certificates   Fascinated

Ben "I have made up my mind now to be a scientist when I am older,
5it is so much fun! I can study science and then I can even work at Einstein's Entertainers, can't I?"

Joy "I thought it was an amazing club as it help you learn with your school work as well.
It is also really fun. The Professor's were really nice and funny"

Patrick "It is fun and educational and cool I wish all my lessons were like this"

Laura "I thought it was so funny when we used the machine that made everyone's hair
stand up they looked really silly"

William "I know now how to make volcanoes which is so cool. Einstein's Entertainers is cool"

Amy "I have never had so much fun ever at a club, I look forward to it so much and I have found
out so many amazing things, I don't want it to end!"

Alicia "It's very fun and knowledgeable. Everything was excellent!"

Mark "I really love science x100 now!"


Einstein's Entertainers are proud to be members of
The British Science Association.