Meet the entertainers


Professor Teapotty

Hi my name is Sarah aka Professor Teapotty (because I LOVE drinking tea out of a potty YUM!)

I absolutely love working with children and have huge experience with children, working with them through charities, volunteering and work for over 10 years.

It has been an amazing time working with Einstein's Entertainers and seeing how much the children learn, love and enjoy the clubs, parties and events is brilliant.

I think it's essential for children to get hands on and really involved in something, particularly something as exciting and important as science.

Science is a huge passion of mine and I love passing on my enthusiasm to children in a fun and innovative way.

The best thing about this job is hands on experiments = hands on experience.

I am also very proud to be working for a company that is affiliated with The British Science Association.


Professor Puddles

Hello everyone my name is Barny aka Professor Puddles.

I have been performing in children’s theatre for over 20 years.

I am originally from the North East of England where I spent many years touring local schools doing pantomimes and generally being silly. I love engaging with younger audiences and helping them learn through laughter.

In my spare time I write and perform comedy songs on a whole range of ludicrous subjects, including the dangers of playing Twister at the swimming pool and the merits of eating peas.

Being an Einstein's Entertainer is perfect for me as it covers my two favourite subjects – entertaining and science. I read science books all the time and am particularly interested in learning about evolution, the creation of the universe and memes! I hope to one day discover the meaning of life in a test tube. In the meantime, I am content with creating chaos in my lab for the amusement of children.


Professor Pee-Wee

Hi I’m Callum, aka Professor Pee-Wee -you can call me Professor Pee or Professor Wee for short!   I’m an actor and I can sing and dance as well – not too sure if that is what should be going on in the science lab!

I am a born an entertainer and love to make people laugh.   I studied Musical Theatre for two years in Stratford-upon-Avon and I have worked in Theatre in Eductation in Warwickshire schools.   I am now studying acting in Covent Garden.  In my spare time I run a small production company which specialises in comedy and I’ve even done stand-up on the same billing as Andy Parsons and Stuart Goldsmith.  Recently I appeared as the male romantic lead in London's biggest charity panto, at Hammersmith Town Hall – “Oh no you didn’t... Oh yes I did”! 

Drama  and Science were my favourite subjects at school – it was all hands-on and fun!   I think that’s what learning should always be about – having fun!!



Professor Bubbles

Hi my name is Maeve aka Professor Bubbles and I'm an actor, workshop facilitator and Einstein's Entertainer.  I am delighted to use my acting training and experience together with my interest in science to facilitate children learning in a very fun way!

I studied acting at The Arts Educational Schools, London and I've also worked as a primary school teacher and TESOL teacher when I often used drama, storytelling techniques, games and role play to teach many subjects.  I've also stories and facilitated learning through play and the imagination for Debutots Early Years Drama and Helen O'Grady Drama Academy.

I have studied Physics to A-Level and General Science to GCSE level. When I am not an Einstein's Entertainer, writing plays or acting, I teach drama (and sometimes lead murder mysteries!) at Stagecoach Theatre Arts.  Plays I have directed with Stagecoach children include Shakespeare's 'A Midsummer Night's Dream', 'Peter Pan', Charles Dickens' 'A Christmas Carol', 'Hairspray' and 'Disney's Beauty and the Beast'.

I am currently training as an advanced improvisor and learning the ukulele!


Professor Paddy

Hi my name is Stuart aka Professor Paddy.

I took a BSc in Maths & Physics longer ago than I care to admit, and worked in hardware and software development in telecoms for 25 years.

I'm a bit of a physics geek, and love bringing my fascination with science to others.  Whilst with STC I took part in the lectures/demonstrations the company put on for local sixth formers, illustrating fibre-optic transmission and destroying pencil leads with electricity.  Great fun!

For the last few years I've been coaching maths and physics to 'A' level, running training courses in project management for charities and practising magic (not the black sort!).

The sort of books I receive for Christmas are on quantum mechanics, magic and JS Bach.  I play the loudest instrument in the world (the church organ) and the prettiest (the saxaphone)

I'm a founder member of the Penge and District water divination and liquorice macrame society and I hate writing bios...



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Professor Widget

Hi my name is Tiff aka Professor Widget  

Einstein's Entertainers are proud to be members of
The British Science Association.